Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Updates to Living Room

FINALLY got my new living room couch. And....a chair with it! The last thing I needed was another chair, but the price was right, and it looks so nice together--kinda pulls everything together I think.. I really tried to stay neutral--but I LOVED this green, what d'yall think? The dull beige it also came in was sooooo boooorrrring....

A little crazy...but I like it, and i like how it looks with my black and white fabric--add a pop...

 Side note: I went with hubs on this trip. When hubs goes w/me we always come back buying way more than I had originally planned. We also bought a recliner for the den....but left me feeling like, darn I didn't really want to spend that much! But it's all good--we needed the extra seating, and every other piece of furniture I have is hand-me-downs!

I really need an area rug to pull it all together, and to GET RID OF THOSE VERTICALS!!!! I HATE them!
But I am torn between panel curtains, with bamboo blinds or...just don't know.

Make it a great day!


  1. The color is great! What did you do with that black chair? It's beautiful! Good luck with your curtain choice! I had to replace my verticals because my kids thought they were something to hang and swing around on. I found some great double-lined curtains at Target that I love! I hope you can stop by my blog to join a fun giveaway! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com


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