Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simplistic (Very) Plan for Fireplace

Remember I was looking for a new look for my ugly fireplace? Its one of my main design dilemmas in this house.

Here's the post where I originally shouted out for help. It still looks the same, almost a year later.

You all had great ideas, like tiling, tearing out rock, and hiring a contractor. But I need quick, and cheap free. (I'm totally on Dave Ramsey's "be cheep" plan, so I like free projects lately)

Well, I got the idea, from my very stylish SIL, to PAINT the big blocky rectangle in the center of the darn thing. I really wanted to preview how it would look--so not having any sophisticated design software, I did it in MS Paint by opening up my photo and just adding shapes filled with color to it using MSPaint. I know, its very Fischer-Price, but hey, it works.

The mock-up:
 Da Plan:
1. Paint the big white rectangle some darker shade that blends in w/ the existing stone (use a color I have in my "oops" paint arsenal)
2. Add a rustic mantle made from curbside trash reclaimed oak.
3. Beef up the existing picture I have with a frame I make from lumber in the garage
4. Arrange found items on the mantle
5. Maybe spray paint the fireplace screen.

I think this is something I can tackle in a weekend.

I'll let you know when I am finished!
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