Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dealing with disappointment....

Well, I haven't shared this yet with my blogger world, but we were in the running to win a 25K house makeover from TLC of their new show "Our House" and be on the TV show.

 I found out about the casting requirements through CG and applied right away. I was so excited when we were contacted shortly after I sent the email entry. The requirements were we had to be located in metro L.A. (check) own our home (check), be willing to do most of the work ourselves (check), be done in 3 weeks (ok, whatever you say, check!) and stay within a 25K budget (check-check-check!!)

They sent a videographer over pretty quick to interview my husband and I and get shots of my home. I honestly thought we'd be a shoe-in...our house isn't a dump, but needs pizzaz, it really does, and my efforts can only go so far, as we are on a tight budget. We (partially) redid the kitchen when we first moved in, but a year later, it still  it isn't completed and it seemed like everything is always in limbo. I thought TLC would come to the rescue--I just know I could make that 25K go very far!

Oh, I had plans! I had plan A, B and C just in case. The grand plan A was to bust through my master bath into an adjacent closet to add more room and a bathtub. If that was too ambitious, I had plan B which was to just redo the shower vanity and tile. The kitchen would finally get its details right (lighting, tile, paint) and the other rooms would finally get the furniture we needed to fill them right. A king size bed! Artwork! Oh the places I was going to go...

The guy they sent out said we'd be contacted no later than Dec 23, and that if we didn't make it, we would not be contacted. On Dec 17 we received a fax that they needed us to sign casting releases... I thought, Oh we are getting closer! Then...Dec 23 came and went. No word. Did we make it or not? They did say by the 23rd...but wait, what about that casting release they asked for on the 17th? He did say they were running the tapes by the network..can it be we are still up for it? Oh please oh please.....

Last week I couldn't wait anymore, and since I had our contacts email, I sent a short sweet email asking if we were still in the running. Well, one week later. No response. Maybe he's on vacation? Or maybe its no.

I will still keep hoping maybe we will get chosen. Or at least someone will let us know either way.

Meanwhile, I have plans D, E, F...all the way to Z. No budget? That's ok, I have Goodwill and lots of oops paint, Walmart curtain rods and Overstock., Sure, it will take longer than 3 weeks, but hey, I've got plenty of time. And who needs a King bed? Queens are much better for cuddling....

Make it a Great Day!

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  1. I'm so sorry that you haven't heard anything. But you sound like a strong individual.... I know you can do! Even if it takes a little longer.


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