Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Side Table Makeovers

Seems like lately when I go thrifting, these little side tables are a dime a dozen. Well, I finally got around to at least starting to make these guys over. I orginally posted about them here...way back last April !! They've been sitting in my garage since then. I'm so glad I finally did these--it feels good to stop procrastinating and just do something!

Here's the first one, a little forlorn here. I think it cost 4 bucks at the SA 50% off Wednesday.

I also had to fix a wobbly leg (which I did not notice when I first picked it up) It actually had a crack down the side on one leg! I thought she might be a goner, but a little Gorilla Glue, and some painters tape to hold it together while it dried, and now its strong and secure.

Here it is, After:

A little gray "oops" paint, some dstressed edges and she's good! I still want to put a wipe-on poly just for extra protection. Maybe some more distressing, and a glaze, it looks a little boring in that photo, I'll admit.

Here's victim #2. One of my homie bloggers had the exact same thrift find! Its a cute little office table, with still-working great wheels and two fold-down sides. So useful. Maybe a sewing table, is what I thought...

Now, it looks a whole lot better. All I did was sand the bejeezus out of the top and wipe on poly it 3 times. Can you believe how beautiful that wood came to life? I am waiting to get some apple-green spray paint and spray the legs. What do you think?

Well, thats all for now. Let me see what else I have lying around my garage that I can improve...............
Make it a Great Day!


  1. LOL...I have that same exact side table.LOL..I found it years ago,someone threw it out.it has some rings on it , my husband sanded it down I just need to paint it...Great Post.

  2. I love the gray on the first table! I don't think it'd boring...add some coordinating and cute decorations on top and it'll be a show-stopper :)

    Thanks SO much for linking up to "20 Below Thursday"!! I really hope you come back again!

  3. I am surprise to see white color table. it's not exactly withe. something gray color table. buy office furniture & office reception furniture


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