Sunday, January 23, 2011

Front Doors

Lately I have been obsessed with finding the right color scheme for the exterior of my house. Right now, pretty sad.
Here's my before--there's no After, yet!!

I love the combo of a gray, like a dove gray, and a dark mushroom and white-ish trim.
LOVE this color scheme

Then I saw this color combo with a PLUM/AUBERGINE door. Crazy? Yeah.... but it looks so good on the chip. Right now my door is sad.

Here's the Perfect Plum...called "Wicked" BM
Here's some purple inspiration, it can either look horrid or fabulous...
from florencedotcom

Or... I could refinish it for the stained look---with the dove gray trim it may just look alright..
But deep in my heart, I love the plum or this!
Make it a Great Day!


  1. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for visiting, and your sweet comment about my headboard. I LOVE the purple door idea!

  2. Love the green door! But the plum would be beautiful!

  3. Hi Ann! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment about my bathroom renovation. To answer your question about the Allure vinyl remodeling guy installed them in about an hour, but of course, he's a pro. With that being said, I've read where they are pretty easy for the DIY-er. It's a "floating" floor system so you just make sure your floor is level and clean of debris, lay a plank down, lay another one next to the first plank's sticky edge, press them together and so on. Supposedly, trimming the planks can be done with regular household scissors.

    Regarding painting your door...I say if your heart wants some shade of purple or plum GO FOR IT! It's just paint. If you hate it, you are only out the cost of a quart of paint and the time it takes to repaint it, but I think it would be beautiful.

    I was interested in your "white" post below. I'm the same way about red. It always stops me in my tracks and makes me swoon when I see it in someone's home. However, I tried using red in my house and within 8-12 months, I couldn't live with it anymore. I had to go back to my pastels.

  4. I'm a HUGE fan of the green door...I've seen it IRL and it looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by...I answered your question about the kitchen lighting back at my blog! :)


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