Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brown Feature Walls in the Bedroom

I am embarking on a fact-finding mission about brown walls. Just one wall. The rest white. Come along with me as I look for inspiration.

The room is:
a. small
b. tween's bedroom
c. has carpet in a taupe color
d. needs some kind of focal point.

I did buy a can of "oops" paint at Lowes yesterday for 5.00. But the boss-lady doesn't like it. So I may have to drop another 20.00 on a custom mixed can. That's ok.

I really love the bed--it looks like its painted coral

Like this young, fun look---and the headboard

way too plain but I like the color

I like the caramel color here

Like the clean contemporary feel

Love the bed, hate the antlers
 Which one is your favorite?

Make it a Great Day!


  1. I am liking the lenox, sometimes I love the modern look. thanks for your nice comments!

  2. i like them all,but i love the antlers!!! how fun. thanks for stopping by typeA and checking out my yellow buffet. take care.


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