Monday, January 31, 2011

Pillsbury 2012: Here I Come!

Confession time: I am obsessed with the Pillsbury Bake-Off. Became even MORE obsessed after I read Ellie Mathews memoir about wining the Million Dollar Grand Prize in 1998.... its a terrific read and I re-read it every Bake-Off year to get motivated. Here was a home cook, who entered a few recipes, and won the jackpot with a delicious, simple to prepare, healthy chicken recipe.
Check her out Here
 Her winning recipe, Salsa Couscous Chicken is one of hubs and my  favorites, and I make it almost once a month. It's really good and super easy. ( I do, however, make a few changes when I make it: no cumin, and dried cranberries or cherries instead of currants)

I missed the deadline last time, even though I had my recipes all ready and lined up. Its only once every TWO years. But this year, no way! I am determined!

So my family will undoubtedly have to suffer through some failures and triumphs. Lots of meals will be prepared using Pillsbury biscuits and crescent rolls, I'm afraid!

Make it a Great Day!


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