Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Kids Rooms

Now I have halfway finished daughter #2 bedroom, and daughter # 1 reminded me I never finished hers--started months ago! I think I have decorator's ADD... I really need to learn to finish something before I start on another....

Here's #1 daughter's room progress so far:
Here's the Before-right after we moved in--the room's tiny so its almost impossible to get a wide shot

I gathered these items for inspiration--posted about here

Made this and Love it

Here was the After-so far- with her new bedding and redone nightstands--posted about the remake of these CL finds here

another shot--cute bedding--

We have since added some more B&W accents...curtains and another bedspread--but you see, the walls are sooo bare!
So, we are thinking Purple-- a nice, deep purple--maybe just one wall? or a chair rail and deep purple beneath a lavendar above? hmmmm

Now lets move on to daughter #2. She loved orange... this is her rooms progress...
These shots are from are old house--so you can see the colors we had!

Here we are in our current house--reusing the same bedding, but the walls are sooo stark white.

Again, color story features orange prominently

Here's the bedding we had chosen....

The thing is, we recently upgraded to a full-size bed. So that bedding will be replaced. We also painted one wall this gorgeous brown, and added curtains... and she will keep her redone dresser, posted about here...

Stay tuned for the updated pics!
Make it a Great Day!

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  1. Those dressers are gorgeous! Love the black and purple for a girl's room.
    I must admit I'm a little mad on orange on the moment. I think I may have overdone it in my bedroom. :-/
    Megs :)


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