Monday, March 14, 2011

Zero Dollar Projects for a Zero Dollar Budget

Last week I finally got my tax prep stuff ready to take to the accountant. All I could think when the total was added was: Where did the money we made go? I mean, bills, yes, but the rest of it? Sweating, I added up a typical month of "misc" expenses: Walgreens, Target, BigLots, Homegoods, Kohls. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.  Let's just say, a European vacation could have been had if that money went into savings. Or a jacuzzi. Or a bazillion much worthy home projects that would make a HUGE difference: Can you say New Windows??An Exterior Paint job? Arrrgh....that would have had tons more impact than new pillows or candlesticks. But I can mend my ways.....

Our circa 1969 windows that shake and rattle
 So this year, in an effort to straighten up and fly right, I am giving up frivolous shopping for lent.

In that spirit, all this month I will be looking around for projects I can complete for ZERO DOLLARS. I have many supplies in the garage, and lots of unfinished "to-do's" around here. It will force me to be creative and work with what I already have.

Tower O' Craft products
 Have you any projects you can think of that you can complete with stuff you already have?

Here's a few Zero Dollar Projects on my list:
Decoupage a side table for daughter 2's room. I already have the Japanese packaging labels and newspaper to get started, and a whole new jar of Modge Podge.

Paint remaining Orange Oak cabinets....

desparately needs a makeover!!!

I am thinking walnut brown...

The grayish-taupe sample color is already splonged on there--has been there awhile!

Ah, this is my vanity. I WAS going to just remove it...but I can paint it in the meantime. Maybe I will like it better and it would stay.
 Paint the fireplace already!

Finish my tiered table (its not even sealed...the gray is just primer...but I like it so it stayed as is)

Plant seeds!

Chalkboard paint Something!Already (I have had this paint forever)

Paint O' Rama
 Spray paint something Apple Green...I have the paint, just need to find the right project.

What can you do for Zero Dollars?
Make it a Great Day!


  1. Great post! I too am realizing just how much we spend on frivolous things we don't need. So I too am working towards zero dollar projects. I have so many supplies and no real room to store them if I am not going to use them!

  2. I really like this post! I should desperately try to apply some of this great wisdom too! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. Can't wait to see the bathroom redone. I think it will turn out beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the support, girls. Somehow, just writing a post about it reinforces my resolve!

  4. Oohhh...I love zero dollar projects! It's right up my alley since I currently bring in zero dollars. Looking forward to seeing these projects.

    And thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog today! I see you're in the SG Valley. I'm in Claremont.

  5. Oh, and my husband owns Pasadena Window Supply when you're ready for those windows ;)


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