Saturday, May 28, 2011

I could go with this, or I could go with that....

I admire so many different styles, often ones that clash, that its hard sometimes for me to see the forest through the trees.

I know what I DON'T want more than what I Do, that's for sure.

Our Family Room
For example, I do not like, what my daugher likes to call "Old Lady-ish"...everything matchy-matchy, chintz patterns, too-formal looking stuff. Booooring! I often ask her opinion (she's 10 for gosh-sakes) but she has a good eye and is very opinionated- doesn't hesitate for a second when she slams down the verdict!
one of my favorite Sarah Richardson rooms

But then again, I DO like when old stuff is remade to look more modern...I love to see, for example, some old rococco style frame painted a bright turquoise. But it's hard to get that look "right" could sway real easily into "tacky" you have to be verrry careful.

I LOVE this fun, flirty style from Addicted to Decorating--painted finshes done right!
Kristi, over at Addicted to Decorating, is a genius at combining styles beautifully

close up of an old cabinet door I made into a fun chalkboard
When I first saw my house, I wanted to mid-century glam-meets-casual vibe. I didn't want to "fight" the bones of the house, which are very 1960's, because I like that look. I was inspired by Laurie Smith's book, "Discovering Home", whereby she renovates a giant style-twin of my house, by ripping out all the elements previous owners added that didn't complement the home's true design style: such as crown moldings, fussy fireplaces, and country touches.

From Laurie Smith
My Dining Room chandy was one of my first purchases: It represented what I was going for in terms of the style of the house
My bedroom is "getting there". I am thinking madagascar-type grasscloth wallpaper, or a trellis pattern on the bed wall. An upholstered headboad too.
My kinda boring bedroom--ready for a makeover
dream bathroom...except I'd use a larger vanity. Just sayin'

Now I am thinking about moving forward with a bathroom reno--I have already painted my vanity (happy with that) but the real need for making over is the shower. It has a plastic pan as the floor--yuck--and the framed alum doors are horrible--yuckity yuck--AND the tile lining the shower walls was once PAINTED--yukity-yuck-yuck.

There's an outlet tile place near me that has seconds of WALKER ZANGER tile. Yeah, WZ of the "$28.00 PER tile are-you-kidding-me" tile. They are lovely. I can get the decorative ones for 2 bucks a piece and the plain subway tiles for $10.00 a box (10 square feet).

I love both blue and green colors. Just a stripe of it. And these pebble tiles (at Home Depot) for the shower floor. Don't they look like they'd feel wonderful underfoot?

What do you think?

Make it a Great Day!


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  2. Your house looks beautiful, you have a real talent for decorating! Found you at the Sunday Blog Hop and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower!

  3. I use to love watching Laurie on Trading Spaces, she always decorated rooms very well. Thanks for sharing her book.


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