Monday, May 23, 2011

New Old Vanity and Master Bath Mini-Makeover

As you know, I have tried to update my house using very little money. Zero if possible.

Here's where we started:

I decided to glaze my orange oaky vanity, with a dark brown glaze(Behr, Espresso). I have had this itty bitty can 2 years now and have used it over and over again...a little goes a long way.

I sanded very lazily lightly....
Applied the glaze with a brush

Then waited for it to dry and used a satin finish wipe on poly, which I brushed on.

New knobs, and tada!!
 I couldn't wait to try on the knobs...the drawers were barely dry!

Messy, in progress!

From old brass to ORB...Used the existing hinges /screws and spray painted 

Looks soooo much better!

Added my new TP holder I got eons ago at Homegoods...6.99(nope not counting the 6.99 cause it was EONS ago--sitting in my drawer)

I still can't believe how ONE coat of the glaze makes such a collossal difference in the wood tone. So easy-- a one-day project, really.

And, yes, I purposefully left off the center door of the vanity. I also want to line the interior with wallpaper, or maybe beadboard. I put that basket in there as a hamper. The bathroom is so skinny, there's no real room for a regular size hamper, so this will work for now.

 I also painted the hutch-shelf thingy above the toilet. I toyed with the idea of taking it down, but I need storage desperately, and it was attched by these huge bolts to the wall. I took the doors off and painted it white. I do want to line the sides with that beadboard wallpaper if I ever get around to it.


Here's some more views...

And one more Before

And After

Dunno why my pics are so fuzzy....but you get the idea!
This is by no means the end of this makeover, it really is a Phase 1. Eventually, I want to rip out the shower and replace it with real tile, and a nice frameless glass door. Also up on the list is new floor and some color on the walls, artwork, and a framed(maybe using molding?stick on embossed tin tiles?) mirror. But for now, it works. There's really so much you can update with some imagination and existing materials.

I will post how I made those adorable jars tomorrow (hint: tomato sauce and salsa jars!)...stay tuned!

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  1. CUTE!!!
    I like the dark color and you little cabinet above!
    What a great idea!!
    Looks much better!!

  2. good job!! We really need to remodel our bath! For now though, we just finished our kitchen : )
    Come take a look!
    Tammy : )

  3. the darker finish updates it beautifully!

  4. It looks great ... love your "new" warm cabs. And, your shelf vignettes are pretty, too! *Becca*

  5. Love the cabinet makeover especially the basket in the middle door. I am planning on painting the cabinet in my master bedroom.

  6. The cabinets look great! I never thought of using a glase. I have painted lots of cabinets like those, plain oak. I will be showing some of those in the future. I like how you kept the door off. I did that in our laundry room. (

  7. Absolutely lovely! Really appreciate you linking up this great bath post at the Roomspiration blog party.


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