Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden Inspiration

Ah, summer..time to work in the garden. I have several areas I need to address:

1. Dead grass under the trees in the backyard. I am thinking: pea-gravel.

2. Bare spots in the shade and in my flower borders: Impatiens in various colors

3. UGLY hose: Hose holders?

Plus I want more color. First I thought I wanted all white flowers with touches of blue and purple. But recently, on my morning walks, I have passed by a house for which I have severe garden envy. And its sooo simple. She only has EVERY color, massed in borders and spilling over plain terra-cotta pots. OK, she also has a lovely home and perfect lawn, but still. I wanna!

Here are some inspiration photos I have collected, enjoy!

Rain gorgeous!

Pea-gravel path
Morning coffee, afternoon tea...ahhh!
Gorgeous, right?

Love this upcycled path

I love the casual grouping of rocks to catch the rainwater

Ahhhhh, I hope to make some time ot garden tomorrow.

Make it a Great Day!


  1. Well, you certainly have great inspiration! And a good list. Good luck.

  2. Gorgeous pictures here. Spring has sprung here in Australia and I can't wait to get out in my garden!

    Best wishes and happy gardening,

  3. Thank you, I can only imagine how gorgeous it is there in Australia!

  4. oh wow!! wow!! those are stunning inspirations.. Im dying to redo the garden.. just needs so much attention here in Dubai.. coz it always soooo HOT¬!!!


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