Friday, September 23, 2011

Los Angeles Flower Mart

Like my arrangement? Courtesy of my trip today to the L.A. Flower District. It was A-Maze-ing! Not much I can say that will outdo the pictures I took, though, so enjoy. My friend and I went on a Friday morning. They are open 3am to noon. We had great parking karma so we got a curbside spot and had the best time. Located off Wall Street in downtown L.A.

We were overwhelmed by the variety and gorgeousness of all the blooms. They even had houseplants, tons of orchids, cut and potted, vases and floral supplies as well as dried fillers and tropicals. I'm telling you, we are hooked.

I spent about 40.00 and that bought: A 1/2 dozen large white gerberas, a bunch of Irish Bells, a bunch of deep maroon dahlias, a HUGE coleus, a small living potted moss and 6 large red sunflowers. I'd say well worth it and they are so fresh they should last a good long time.

If you go, stop by the fashion district on Santee and 9th, buy a pair of "Not-toms" for 10 bucks and an Authentic L.A. Hot Dog with salsa, onions, peppers, bacon and an ice cold naranja jarrito to wash it down.

Me? I'm ready to do it all over gain next week!

Happy Camper...

Hydrangea Heaven!

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Orchids by the armload. Ahhhh!

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the flower district!

Make it a Great Day!

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