Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Country Living...Stinkers & Clunkers

OH, Country Living, I DO love you... however, these last two issues have me scratching my head a bit.

I thought the covers were awfully similar...down to the font color. I mean, look at them side by side.
Feb 2012 and March 2012 side by side
White kitchens (again.... I like white kitchens but it seems ALL the featured kitchens are white lately), distressed wood,  Turquoise typeset..... I had these side by side on my coffee table, and for a second I thought I had two of the same exact issue.

This could be the same house, yes?
And, OK, this idea is ree-dunkulous, sorry.....

And the cost is TWENTY dollars EACH? C'mon, better to get a regular ole' taper candle and jam it in there.

I dunno, it looks silly to me...

And THIS... wallpaper....

 made to look old and DIRTY... really????
This ugly old wall can be yours.. for 2,000.00 per room :)
If I saw this on the wall I'd think the place needed a deep disinfecting steam-clean and then a paint job.

Plus, the cost is....... wait for it........... TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE DOLLARS PER ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you KIDDING? Hey, if anyone wants this look, I'll send my kids over to have dinner at your house.

OK, and One More...
sorry..for the life of me couldn't figure out why Blogger is turning my pics sideways!

Rag rugs cost $2.99 at Ikea. I guess I could do a knockoff of this, but frankly, I don't really like it.

Price? $$$ 1735.00. Say What????

Are home design magazines running out of fresh ideas?

I cancelled my beloved House Beautiful this year because I just could not stomach another featured gray/greige home. I remember one of them even had a greige-colored CAT to match the decor. How do those people stay awake in their houses? Honestly. The monotone look is so boring to me.
I miss Domino, at least those rooms had personality and originality. I find my best ideas, more and more, are from the terrific blogs I follow!

What do YOU think?

Make it a Great Day
Thanks for letting me rant:)


  1. I'm with you they must be! (Insert me roll in my eyes) dirty wallpaper!? I have a nephew who can do that to walls for free! Lol

  2. I also enjoy country living and I see your point. Why is everything white. I mean when I think white I think men in white coats coming to take me to the funny farm. White makes every little dirt and grime show up making me feel crazy cause it is never clean enough. I want kitchens with colors on the wall. As far as the "dirty" wallpaper yeah that is like paying $100 for ripped up jeans, give it time and they will look that way on their own. *lol*{

  3. Ha! This is great! I thought it was the same issue until I looked at the date! Ok, and the wallpaper is totally rediculous...


  4. Amen! 4 kids, dog and a husband don't do white.

  5. I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks the current craze for monotone and white is a bit boring. I still love color! And your comments on these things made me laugh, you do have a point. : )


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