Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring is Springing!

My garden is really starting to perk up...
Coleous was from a cutting when we vacationed in Palm Springs last summer!
front garden-- pretty welcoming I think!

Many of these flowers are just now coming to life after our second Spring here in this home. I thought these...

were first I tried to rip them out of the earth to plant something else! Thank goodness they held on so tight to the ground I gave up...

These bright pink and yellow flowers were at the 99 cents store...

This guy was at Lowe's for 50% off $15.98-- I guess he was getting too unruly. I love it!

Yum- Basil...

Our first baby Avocado!

Lovely DayLilies, they are constantly blooming...

I love Spring--it's a promise of hope and better things to come.

Make it a Great Day!


  1. I'm super jealous! The last couple of days have been windy and cold here! No one even considers planting anything until the end of May.

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the top pot up there~how neat that the coleous can remind you of Palm Springs :)


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