Monday, November 2, 2009

Should It Stay or Should It Go? (A new feature)

I am seriously driving myself nuts about what I should keep and what should go.... I should mention I went through this moving 5 years ago and got rid of lots of things I wish I hadn't: years of Christmas, Halloween, and Easter Martha Stewart Magazines..... a coffee table I could use right now, and some other things. Overall, it felt great to lighten up. But now I don't want to bring unnessary clutter into my new home, although I do need to buy some furniture-- I am short 2 sofas-- so I do need $$$ to buy new furn for my formal LR and Den.....

I decided that since I am in the process of PURGING prior to my move, that I will post the items I am seriously thinking of getting rid of at garage sale in 2 weeks. I will post the pics with a short description, then you tell me if I should get rid of it. Maybe you'll have some ideas on how to transform them also (if I keep em?)

Outdoor Set: I only paid 100 bucks for this at Big Lots... the cushions really need recovering, but overall its an OK set- but it is NOT comfortable... I am envisioning more of a "ooo this is comfortable" outdoor set- but those cost in the 1200.00 range... whacha think? Stay or go?

Pier One rattan chair: Also NOT comfortable... its just OK with a lumbar pillow... but I kinda like the style... but I will have to restain some of the frayed rattan parts... overall not in love with this... Stay or Go?

Iron Rose Shelf-Thingy: I guess I bought this when I almost went Shabby-Chic, then I remembered a man shares my house--how could I ask my burly, manly he-man to live surrounded in ruffles and crystals and pastel colors? But can I paint it? What can I use it for? It travels room to room in search of a home and a use. Stay or Go?

Daughter's Dresser: I love the style of this, but one drawer doesn't close all the way and my daughter says it looks "dirty" (she doesn't "get" the distressed look!) I had dreams of putting it in my foyer but me thinks me style has gone more modern than this now, although you can successfully mix pieces in I suppose... Stay or Go?

3 cheapy side tables: Got these with my coupon at Michaels and I think they cost me all of 8 bucks for all 3. Maybe I can paint them (ORB?) and mosaic the tops? Maybe for outdoors? Or bathroom? They fold which is kinda nice- but their surface is so tiny they really barely hold a glass of iced tea. Stay or Go?

(yes, there are 3 of these...ones in my teenager's room covered in....stuff.....)

Shelf I have had my linen closet hidden away: OK, I have had this since before I married-- 15 years! I was in love with these little carved wood folk-art shelves you'd find everywhere in antique malls... used to have 3 others that have since gone bye bye. Everyplace I have been , he just ends up stuffed away because I can't find a use for him.. Stay or Go?

CD Unit: I am really toying with the idea of painting this, with big numbers on the drawers, and using it in my kitchen as a spice storage or something.. I really, really like the way its made, its all wood construction and solid. But will I do it? That also means I get rid of the CDs in it too- but I am a big IPod failure... I really don't like earphones.....I just end up listening to talk radio in the car and silence is golden in the house when I am alone... unless I listen to Maria Callas right off YouTube... soooo... Stay or Go?

Birdhouse: I know, I know...But I am so over white and blue beach house..... but Stay or Go?

2 Office Armoires: these were cheap on clearance at OfficeMax. Currently one houses my son's stuff & TV, the other I tried, but failed, at re-inventing as a "Homework Station"... I organized homework supplies, had a cubby for each kid, but it didn't catch on.. partially because it lacked proper lighting... If it stays its definitely getting painted.. Stay or Go?

Daughter's hutch and desk: This was free. Maybe my other daughter can use it, she'll need a desk, but their rooms are small in the new house... how can I make it current? Stay or Go?

Thank you--suggestions and ideas appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You can definitely make slipcovers from dropcloths! That is how I originally ended up buying a dropcloth, the got carried away with all the fun things you can do with it inexpensively. Here is the link for the slipcover I made.

    Definitely lose the outdoor set if you don't like them--

    The cd unit I would look great redone with numbers on it! I can see lots of ways to refurbish your other belongings but sometimes if you don't love it and/or it has been sitting tucked away, you might as well sell it and find something you really love. Home feels so much better when you have things around you that make you smile rather than things that 'work'.

  2. Thanks, Brenda! I like the way you think...!!!

  3. Hi Ann, I just found you from the Shabby Chic cottage. I really like this feature idea-should it stay or go??? But Aack! Next time give us fewer things to look over~smile! I'll just weigh in on the CD holder. Stay! I love your idea.

  4. OMGosh, Kim, you are sooo right! Got carried away! :)


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