Monday, February 1, 2010

Easy French Bulletin Board ReDo

Start out with a ready-made board...on clearance this baby was way cheaper that buying all the separate materials. HomeGoods, TJMaxx and Ross are great resources for this kind of stuff.
I bought this Taupe and Light green board at HomeGoods for $3.00!! It was missing a couple of fabric covered buttons, but that was OK since I was going to vamp it up anyway. Its a large size, has the picture hangers on the back to hang horizontal OR vertical, and was in great condition. The colors were a little washed out for me, though. Originally I was going to re-cover the entire thing with another fabric. But then I got lazy...I mean, I had a better idea....

I just took some cute bright green ribbon with bright pink accent and glue-gunned it down the centers of the existing taupe ribbon. It immediately brightened the entire thing.

make sure you lay out the ribbon beforehand.... then cut them to size as you go..overlapping here and there...

Don't worry if you have to splice 2 shorter pieces together, do it right at the spot where a button will go....
The I glued on these adorable enameled brads(I crushed the metal clips that were on the back with a mallet) I had in my dollar-store stash o' stuff. They are so cute (wish I could take a closer pic)

TA-DA! here she is, perfect for daughter#2's room ReDo-- soon to be revealed...

Just a preview, here is my next project, I am in the process of completing this dresser up right transformation and its gonna be oh so cute!!


  1. That bulletin board redo turned out great! I love those!

  2. I love your bulletin board! I'm lovin that pink and green color scheme you've got going on there...thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I love it, this is somehthing even I can do.
    Thanks for sharing, I'll be back/


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