Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rare Rain

Well we are feelin' cozy and homebound as the rainiest storm in 2 years hits Southern California (I always feel so bad for anyone whose vacation to "Sunny Southern California" coincides with one of our oh-so-rare weeklng rain storms...these kind can last for a week, somebody's entire vacation!)

We S. Cal people are such wimps! I know this because I grew up in New York, so I knows a bad storm. These ain't nothing... but it didn't stop me from jumping when I heard very loud thunder. The worst of it is supposed to hit tonight and tomorrow. Yup. I'm breaking out the umbrellas... (I have no raincoat- I accidentally gave away all my warm waterproof coats during our move a few months ago. Luckily its rarely cold enough to wear them here) When I did venture outside to pick up the kids, the storm parted and all us moms were treated to a beautiful double rainbow.
Here's part of that double rainbow... a better pic is in my phone BUT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET PICS OUTTA MY PHONE. Yes, I am challenged....

This weekend I made my meatballs and red sauce in the crockpot...my secret is.... drum roll please... IKEA frozen meatballs. Yup, Ikea. Here's my recipe for you folks lucky enough to be near an Ikea:

Sunday Quick Sauce

1/2 bag frozen Ikea meatballs

2 16 oz cans crushed tomatoes in their juice (make one with puree if you like a really think sauce)

2 tablespoons pesto* (jarred or fresh) or 2 garlic cloves, minced

pinch each: sugar, salt, oregano

1 tablespoon good olive oil

Let this all simmer on lo or high, depending on how fast you want to eat. I did mine on High for about 3 hours. (The longer it cooks, the moister those meatballs are)

Serve w/your fave pasta... enjoy!

If there are any leftovers, its even better the next day (can you say: meatball heros?)

* I keep jarred pesto in my fridge to add to tomato sauce and other things like minestrone soup that call for herbs and garlic... it really is a time saver...hmmm...wonder if Rachael ray ever gave this tip out?

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