Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Dresser ReBorn!

This dresser was FREE on the curb. FA-REEE!!!

Normally, I would pass up piece like this, it is all MDF/laminate, has drawers that are not dovetailed, and just not great quality (although I know these cost a pretty penny new) But, it was in mint condition, except for the top which was water-damaged and swollen under the laminate. Its a great size for my Tween's room- longish and very narrow, with plenty of storage. Plus did I mention it was FREE. Rules are meant to be broken sometimes, right? ( Did I mention the dresser was FREE?)

I knew I had to do something about the top. I am on a modge-podge kick, so of course that was the solution. I figured even if I couldn't sand out all the bumps, the scrapbook paper plus the modge podge would cover it...plus it would soon be covered completely with all my daughter's treasures, so it didn't need to be 100% perfect.

I sanded the bejeeesus out of the top. Down to the MDF, which started to look like hay. I sanded all the other surfaces lightly, just to scuff it up enough to accept the primer. I then used 3 coats of Kilz Oil Based primer, with a roller, sanding between each one after it dried. The roller leaves an "orange peel" finish, so sanding is imperative. This process of priming and sanding took an entire weekend.

I then shopped for mod looking scrapbook paper**.I went with orange, which is my girl's fave color anyway. (her room is orange, pink and brown, predominantly...with some apple green accents)

**Now, I originally wanted to do fabric modge-podge, but I chickened out... you have to first modge podge the back of the fabric, let it dry, then place it on... I was too impatient. And you have to cut it very precisely, and I need something more forgiving. I am not really a precise person when it comes to measuring. If you'd like to try this, see a tutorial from JCarolineCreative here, its great

I then painted the dresser with my favorite paint from Home Depot: Behr SemiGloss Latex (off the shelf-no wait for mixing!) in Swiss Coffee. I also love their Off-White off-the-shelf color, btw. This paint goes on so smooth, and thick, it covers great. The primer really helped. I sanded between coats, total of 2 coats (I really let them dry good before sanding: ie. overnight) I actually LOVED the look after I sanded, the corners kind of showed through to the MDF, I thought about adding dark brown glaze to distress it, but this daugher is NOT impressed by distressed furniture.. she says it looks like it needs to be repainted..haha! (Note to self: laminated MDF CAN be painted and CAN be transformed to a distressed piece!)
Now I was ready for the paper....I measured, then I cut my paper to fit. Now, I told you I am not precise, and I am always in a hurry.
The paper should be cut to fit like a puzzle, with no overlapping , just but up the edges of the paper together. Use an exacto or a rotary cutter and ruler to get nice, clean, straight lines.
I smoothed it out (much easier time then my last modge podge furniture project), applied more modge to the top, and then did the same thing to 2 of the drawers in a contrasting paper. Cute.

Now a coat of wipe on poly:

I WAS going to put on NEW hardware..but the holes were a wee bit too short than standard, and I didn't want to redrill holes. So, I did the next best thing and spray painted all the hardware with THIS paint, which is supposed to cover any surface:



TA-DAH! Here she is!!

I will post more pics when it is placed in my daughter's room. It should be perfect!


  1. Excellent makeover! You truly made a gem out of a lowly castoff. Sweet.

  2. The dresser looks so cute! Modge Podge is my friend, too! Thanks for visiting the Swamp (the name comes from our town- a Creek name for Big Swamp) Don't be afraid to Modge Podge fabric- I think it is easier that paper. Less wrinkles! I put a layer of MP on the surface and lay the fabric on it, smooth it and then paint another layer of MP on top of the fabric! Easy!

  3. What character! And FREEEEE~ So very creative! Thanks for sharing today. Thank you also for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  4. I just love curbside treasures... crazy people always sneaking around grabbing up stuff before the garbage truck gets there!!!!!! Yep, that's me!!! great redo!

  5. Wow great idea to modpodge! I have a white dresser, too, that I don't know what to do with! Thanks for the fabulous tip and thanks for stopping by today! :)

  6. Your dresser turned out perfect, you really did a beautiful job! And FREE ~ how great!

  7. That looks so great! I love it. Thanks for visiting today! If you try the mirror thing, make sure your boards are straight - it's frustrating when they aren't!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE this dresser. I love what the paper and hardware did.


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