Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New SHOUT OUT for Help

I originally asked for help in THIS post... I DID make some changes and now I want to know what you think for Amanda's Serenity Now Decor Dilemma Party!
Living Room:
Here's Before:


I haven't decided what painting to put up there? I just got the one that's up there at Kohl's yesterday.

I really need to figure out window treatments (I HATE those vertical blinds!) and I know I'm crazy but I really don't want too much color on the walls, I actually like the white, but maybe a warmer white? I need an area rug too....
This is my inspiration for the Living Room:



  1. OH wow! It looks REALLY great! I like the painting you have above the fireplace too!

  2. I think that painting looks fab!! Nice job on the space so far! Maybe some curtains made out of painter's drop clothes -- keeping it neutral.

  3. Hi Ann! I think you did a great job taking your room from a blank slate to tres chic. ;) I love the painting too, and I agree with Angie that painter's drop cloths would be nice and easy to work with...also neutral! :)

    Thanks for linking up to my party! I hope you're having fun "mingling," and I'd love for you to weigh in on MY Dilemma. ;)

  4. I like the color on your walls and I also like the print over your fireplace. I agree with you that an area rug would be nice. I'm loving drop cloth curtains that are so popular now. Why don't you try to make some? They are really easy!

  5. I think you could definitely choose a paint color that's still neutral, but helps to warm the space up a bit (and not make it feel so large). Maybe a light grey or khaki color? A rug would definitely help to ground the space a bit - just make sure its large enough!

    The area above the fireplace - is that wood? Drywall? Have you thought about painting it the same color as the walls?

  6. What a great space and you've done a great job! I think you should go for a much larger picture, or maybe 4 smaller prints that you "square up".
    I like the idea of painting that little space ... maybe a color closer to the stone?
    LOVE your style!

  7. You've done a great job. I like your furniture arrangement, especially your chairs!

  8. I really like the mismatched chairs and I like the painting on the wall. I think you could paint a black square on the wall to frame out the picture so it fills the space more!

  9. Wow what Great ideas! I am excited to get going on my new windows and perhaps paint....(dreading the paint part sorry to say--but I do think I need to add some thing other than the too-stark white)

  10. It looks great so far! I don't know if I would bother painting until you have a color in mind that you love. I think a greyish blue (like in the inspiration pic) would look really nice for the curtains. Good luck!

  11. That looks nice and cozy. :-) A rug would look great, and I would angle the chairs a bit more.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog post. I made the quilt on the wall- my most time consuming one so far. :-)

  12. Ok I know we're new friends and all and this is just totally my own opinion so dont think Im trying to cut you down here. Kay? We good? Having said all that, I would move the chairs. Either put that little table between the two of them to break them up on that side or flank either side of the fireplace with the chairs then re-position the couch to face the fireplace. I also agree with what some have said above: a nice area rug would really anchor everything and set this space apart from the rest of the floor plan. I know...those are expensive though. Thats why I dont have any in my home. The only one I have we got at Sams Club for my dining room and it was under $100. You could even do a textured a sisal rug or something similar.
    You and I have very similar taste. Right now Im working on my LR and just yesterday bought blinds and canvas drop cloths to cover my "fishbowl" windows:) Overall, this room looks great though. Please dont think I was ripping it apart.


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