Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion Bashing

I just received my new Kohl's circular. Now you all know I love me some Kohl's. But, please, somebody up there at HQ needs to have a little talk with Ms. Wang...umm, Vera, can you please design something us Kohl's-shoppin' gals would actually wear without looking like a crazy bag lady? Seriously......

Here's what I found today:

I mean, like I said, some pieces individually are ok. But the pants are those "jeggings" first of all, and then to add insult to injury, they're patched in pleather and spandex....omg...  ewwwwww! The last time, and the only time, I wore "patched" was in 5th grade when I wore these: ONCE. ONCE because the seaming on the inside was making my legs itchy all day..hahaha!!

Sorry, Vera, I'm just not "feelin' it".

That being said, I do like Vera Wang's wedding gowns most of the time. And I have a Vera Wang shirt and wallet that I like just fine, purchased at Kohl's last year.

Does it seem like she got the Kohl's contract, and now is just handing a piece of paper to her 3 year old and telling her to draw a funny dress for mommy?... and then she turns it into her assistant to make it "real".

(Here's what my kids came up with....)

Here's what some kooky designers passed off a "fashion" recently:

Make it a Great Day!

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