Monday, September 20, 2010

White Christmas Trees

Last year, at Kohl's 90% off Christmas Clearance time, I bought a WHITE ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE.

Partly because I always wanted one, partly because it was an outrageous deal (I think it was 23.00 for this 6.5 foot tree), and partly 'cause I'm nuts.

I bought this damask ribbon at Costco...and I am envisioning a black and white Christmas tree all aglow in my living room. I hope it won't be tacky, and I know I have to be careful here, because "glam" can quickly turn a corner into "ghetto". I am thinking: Chandelier cristals, white lights, silver balls, that ribbon, silver star up top.

I will have to get a real tree to calm down hubs...who I am sure will have a mini-cow when he finds out about this....The "real" tree will go all traditional, in the den.

Here are some images I have been collecting for ideas...

OOO, the turquoise is so pretty here...
I love how this one is traditional, yet white...all aglow.....I love that word
This one looks flocked...isn't it shabby-chic perfection?
Look how FUN this is! I LOVE the theme of the entire room... the pillows!

Another tree AGLOW..... ooo I love this one too.... (this one and one above courtesy of nattymichelle)
This one is so sleek and modern. Love this look, wish I were that disciplined, then I get my Ballard's Catalog and its over for me...

The ONE I found and love the most is ... Kasey'sKorner tree : she takes gorgeous pics and this her December 2009 tree.. check it out. (Kasey, I tried to find a way to contact you to ask if I can use this...but no email on your blog? Hope this credit and link is OK)

Make it a Great Day!


  1. It sounds like you made a killing last year with your white artificial tree. I wouldn't worry as I bet you will do it right with the tree... you have yourself covered anyway with doing the 'real' traditional tree in your husband's den. Be sure to post pics when you put the tree up. :)

  2. The turquiose tree is nearly a match to appears that tree has the most of the same ornements that I do. We always have 2 that is mine..beautiful & always aglow..then there is the one the grandkids do in all their special ornaments, shiney & bright colors..I know u will do a great job, love the black & white idea

  3. Where can we buy the "sleek and modern". I've checked the Ballard's website, but can't find it.

    1. Sadly, this post is 3 years old, and I have no idea where to get it. Try googling, or try ebay. You never know!

  4. Where can we buy the "sleek and modern". I've checked the Ballard's website, but can't find it.


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