Thursday, October 7, 2010

Choosing Paint Colors

WHY does it have to be sooo hard?

I have been at this for some 7 months almost. I've recently read of similar trevails at HoH (House of Hepworths ) and other blogs...sorry can't think of them now...

My quest is for a grayish-blue-green that will blend in with my couch and den/ kitchen area because its all one big space. One thats not cold, and that brings a bit of the outdoors in. This area is west-facing, with almost a complete wall of glass facing the backyard. But it's dark in there most of the time. My other challenge: I am also sick of beige/tan colors. But I don't want it to feel cold. I really want to avoid that "cell block h" gray-green... you know?

Here's the view of the den (and see a peek of the backyard) you can see my couch (which actually has a grayish-blue thread running through the greenish upholstery)

Here's the samples I chose. The really greeny looking one is Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments--I had high hopes for that one, but on my wall its leaving me cold.... The light tan is BM's Aura in "Fossil"... I actually kinda like that one; it seems to add some much needed light in there even at night. But I worry there's a yellowish tinge in it, and I don't want yellow at all. The bright blue one is BM's "Constellation"--way too bright and baby-blue-ish for this application. Sigh... The dark tan is Valspar--one of their "historic" colors. I like the richness, but on all 4 walls its gonna be way too dark.

Here's the den entertainment center...thinking of moving it to that big wall

Here's the other side of the room--the kitchen.

same colors on kitchen wall...

Looks like I'm going to have to buy even MORE sample pots..great! because NONE of these colors seem right. Maybe I need to go grayer? Any suggestions, please chime in!
Make it a Great Day!

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