Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living Room Drapes: DONE (PVC pipe rod!)

OK, I am on a roll-- hubs been helping me get this done for my Pampered Chef party--nothing like a party to motivate to finish those pesky projects! 

Well I have a 113" long window in my living room which is a bear to figure out-- its too big for one blind, and previously (for about 1 year) had horrific vertical blinds (see before pic, below) as the ugly but functional (kept out heat, light, cold) window treatments. Initially, I was going to do the same thing I did with my living room (see post here)...have a lovely bamboo shade them some panels on either side.The blind I bought (the largest they had at 93") was too small, but I was still going to use it, except that I didn't figure what it would look like from the FRONT of the house (like crap). Couldn't do it because its the ONLY window that shows form the front of the house, and it would have looked horrible....

So, plan B went into action. I bought a 3/4" PVC pipe for 1.23. (YES you read it right, A DOLLAR TWENTY THREE!!!) for a 10 foot pole. (Get the thickest walled on you can get-makes it not as bendy)

Hubs invented this genius spray painting set-up (he strung twin through the hole using a pencil on one end and dropping it through ..ain't he something!) and hung it from 2 trees in the backyard.

Then I spray painted it 2 coats of Valspar Metal spray paint in  Brushed Nickel. One coat of clear coat when that's dry. I let it dry overnight, then clear-coated it.

Then I hit a snag: I could not find a bracket I liked, or that would work, for the PCV... I was lazy. I couldn't remember where I saw just the brackets...was it Tuesday Morning? Big Lots? I was running out of time, so I snagged these hooks at Ikea:

Luckily, they were the exact right size for the PVC...

Had these rings I bought a bazillion years ago at Tuesday morning for cheap (2.99 for pack of 7).. I knew I'd use them someday!

My drapery panels were, again my favorite cheap-with-upscale-look at Walmart... on clearance for 9.00 a panel. They look like ivory silk shantung... I love them....and they are lined. I kinda wish they were longer, but with the window seat there, I think it works.

Sooooo, 4.99 each for the pack of 2 hooks
9.00 times 5 for the panels
1.23 (woo hoo) for the "rod"
2.99 times 3 for the rings
soo, like under 60 bucks?
The only thing I wish I'd done was to bring the bracket-thing forward a bit--maybe with a small block of wood? because the curtain on the ring is not sliding freely--not enough space from wall to pole...but that can be fixed later.

Once again, 'cause I can't help myself....
here's the Before:

and the After:

Open (sorry for the horrid quality pic)


Make it a Great Day!

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