Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Major Organizational ReHaul Needed!

Here's some extremely embarrassing photos of what lies beneath.... my cupboards, my closets, and my drawers...ugh! I am committing to tackle at least 1 area per day until I get some must-needed control over the clutter. You KNOW its bad when you have to RE-Purchase the tape because you can not find where you put the rolls you bought last week...mkay:
Do I really need 2 fruit bowls??

OK, its not bad in the photo--but medicine should go in the bathroom, right? Its taking over the cupboard and I don't know whats in there anymore...

ugh...extract mixed with stove cleaner mixed with medicine--no likey!

My lazy susan's top collapsed so I need to removed everything and start over. Someone tell me to finally GET RID of those giant plastic cups!


actually, not bad for "under sink" but still...could be better--somehow this area always
looks messy because of the ucky pipe.



This is our "wine closet"...ugh---so bad!

so much wasted space in there--

I really hate hall closets that look like this--ridiculous...lookit all those lampshades for pete's sake what am I thinking keeping all those?

Bane of our existence--the 3 car garage that can't even fit one car in it...

Yup, that is a COUCH on its side. I know.

This is where my "sewing room" is. Somewhere under all that.

I will risk decapitation if I try to get to one of those lower bins, gosh forbid.

5 person household= about a bajillion pairs of shoes.

This really needs to go somewhere else.

This is located in my living room, and its gotta move. Now.

Island of misfit crap.

Make it a Great Day! Go organize something! :)


  1. I can't wait to see it all once you get it organized. Good luck and have fun while doing it. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  2. Thanks, Leanne- I have the desk, one drawer , done, and now I am working on the garage. And I did organize my fridge(I should link that post to your party--its actually done!) It motivates me to complete these projects when I put them "out there" for all to see! :)

  3. Get rid of the big cups. There you go...It really isn't so bad. I think we see our own clutter and think its the worst ever! As long as you tackle little areas at a time you will get it all done.

  4. Came over from We're Organized Wednesday. Your house looks a bit like mine! Maybe I can get more organized too! A little note, though, you shouldn't put your medications in your bathroom while you're reorganizing. Despite the fact that they put "medicine" cabinets in bathrooms, the humidity and heat in a bathroom will ruin most of your medications and cause them to stop working well before their expiration date. It's always a shame to have meds that don't work! Good luck with your projects!

  5. I sure hope you get that organized....cause I'm sure that it will make you calmer and more relaxed! Come over to my blog sometime for even more inspiration! I always love to help organize and inspire, too! I'm visiting from Organized Wednesday!

    Becky B.

    P.S. Get rid of those awful plastic cups (my hubby would love to keep dozens of them, but I keep one!)

  6. Ann, thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! It's funny that even with all the organizing I've done, my little craft room still looks like one of Leanne's "before" photos. haha. I enjoyed looking at your before photos. My whole house is an "island of misfit crap." :)

  7. Thanks everyone--now I am a few projects closer--will post the results soon! :)

  8. Can't wait to see it all organized; well, maybe just one area at a time, okay?

  9. you are very brave to post all your before pictures, what a great way to motivate yourself!
    keep updating as you go along!
    you can do it!


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