Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspired by Nate: Silver Frame Grouping

Did you see Nate's show on, was it Tuesday? with Carson Kressley? I find him adorable and so funny. But the point I got was when Nate said: "Use all silver frames for a more cohesive look...get rid of the Worlds Best Mom frame and use a silver frame instead." 

Looks good--photo courtesy of Pottery Barn
 I was waaay ahead of you, Nate. The other day I was forgaging through Home Goods (trying desperately  to NOT find anything to spend money on) and found some silver frames on clearance. They are just the right size for my kid's 4 x 6 photos (now if I can just remember: DON'T order the 3x5 picture size! Its impossible to find frames that size)I spent 2 and 3 dollars apiece for these silver-toned lovelies.

I also found some today at my local Thrift for .95 apiece...not bad!

not bad for less than 2 bucks total---

A little tweaking is in order!
 Once I switch out the frames on the other photos and group them I think it will look much better. Stay tuned for the redone "frame" table!

Make it a Great Day!

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  1. Yay for 95 cents :)

    I'm stopping by from the bold and beautiful blog hop and loving your content. You are totally a kindred soul with your design ideas!

    If I were to change anything, the combination of your black and white background with the different black and white design in the header is a little cluttered looking at first. The white background of the blog itself makes it really easy to read though, so no biggie :)


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