Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FAIL, Epic

Epic Fail already on my Master Bath Re-Do (read about the 3 phase plan here)

All fired up, I took the doors off the vanity.....

I Couldn't Wait (now there's a clue to what went wrong!) so I decided to "test" the product on one dooor.

I didn't have "Espresso" but I did have "Antique Walnut"... I was trying to not buy anything...use what I already have...
My island of mis-tint paints...

They had me at "one-step"....

I used my favorite Purdy-brand brush to carefully paint it on. Liked how it went into the grooves of the cabinet trim...It looked great wet, it really did.

and here's what it looked like the next day:

How do I hate thee? Let me count....
It's shiny, it's still orange oak, it's hideous-er than when I started.

How is this possible?

And it's so glossy....ugh ugh ugh!!!

To reCap, this is what I was after:
Beautiful Espresso color...
This is what I got:

To make matter worse, I RUINED my Purdy paintbrush. I didn't notice this was an OIL-BASED paint (I make it a point NEVER to use oil paints, after a previous FAIL using Benjamin Moore Oil Paint, but that's another story...)I tried to wash the brush with soap and water. It felt greasy but I did not put 2 and 2 together. The next day, I realized. Now my brush is dead...boohoo!
R.I.P. Purdy 1996-2011
Say it together now......

E P I C   F A I L!

I'm posting this here:

Make it a Great Day Anyway!


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  2. Sorry it didn't work for you, but I know if you are like me you won't give up and will do it until you get it right!!!
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