Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mixin' It Up

Sometimes, inspiration is just a few pushes of furniture around the corner.

I was getting kinda tired of the furntiure arrangement in my living room. I have tried it every which way, it is a very long and nwrrow space that connects to the dining room. There's always a big empty space between the LR and DR that the kids use a space to wrestle n stuff. I thought I might take advantage of that space a bit.

Things against me are, of course, the shape and size of the room. Then there's the shape of my coffee table-- a perfect square--which is so totally the wrong shape. An elongated oval would probably be perfect. But I am NOT buying any new furniture in the near future, so it has to work. Plus I really like it. The other boo-boo I have to work with is my big long green couch and matching HUGE chair. Did I mention this chair is HUGE? When I saw it in the showroom, it looked so elegant and it gave off airs that it wasn't as big as it really is. Here in my normal-sized home, it is very hard to place. So previously, I have shoved it into a corner. But that kept my furniture against the wall, which, is supposedly a big no-no. Then, my "Ann's Folly" pair of CL chairs. You can read all about them here and here. Basically, the style is all wrong in this room- but I really like them and I am forcing them in. So there. Then the biggie: The Fireplace. Most people who visit my home for the first time leave never even knowing I HAVE a fireplace. Its 60's modernity and low firehole make it almost invisible. And the awkward placement makes it hard to arrange furniture aorund it n a traditional way.
Well, without further ado, here's my "re-do":

 It's kinda tight, one of my rules is I don't like tight spaces, but it works. For now, anyway! I know I will probably get bored and change it. Now that I see it in a picture, I can pick it apart. The fireplace really needs to be painted, or something, like I thought about here. That is, IF I want to keep it as a focal point. Maybe I don't. This space, since it sits in the middle of the room without wall anchors, needs an area rug to define it as it's own space. Not to mention pull all my colors together(Lime, plum, white, brown, black, mustard, turquiose--heck I keep adding more!) I already have wall 2 wall carpet in there, so laying down an area rug is tricky. People trip over them all the time. But it would look nice. My little primer-gray end table really needs to be finished. Now I am thinking Black, like the round one there by Mr. Big Chair.

Holy batcave, Batman, I like the way this is laid out.

pretty much what you see as you walk into my LR from the  foyer
It's prety difficult to mix styles like I am trying to do here. Where's Sarah Richardson when you need her? She makes it so effortless.
One of my fave SR rooms...look she has a cane chair AND a modern couch!

Later this week we'll take a look at, and pick apart, my Master and Master bath. Oooo, fun!
Make it a Great Day!


  1. Great job moving your furniture around. I have a long narrow room as well so I feel your pain about furniture placement.

  2. I don't know how I found your blog but I Poe the arrangement. The thing I would tweak would be to put the like chairs together with a small table between them and then put the other smaller chair by your oversized chair. Just a strangers point of view


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