Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shad Roe

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Shad roe is delicious. Shad roe is weird. Shad roe season only appears in the spring. I ate it not really knowing exactly what it was. It was indescribable... salty in a sea-water way, mouthwatering, rich...

I remember first hearing about in Martha Stewart magazine years ago. I remember Martha saying how good it was, and how she would prepare it each season and savor it. Recipe in MSL.

I first had it until 5 years ago, when hubs and I took a trip to New Orleans, also a first.

We ate at Emeril's. The original Emeril's, not Lola's. I have since heard mixed reveiws about this restaurant, but let me tell you we thought it was amazing in every way. I recommmend it heartily.

It was easily one of the best 3 meals I have ever had. Ever.

Shad roe was the first course. It was sauteed in butter and garlic, and served with lemon wedges.

If you haven't tried it, are adventurous, and see it on a fave restaurant's specials, or in a market(actaully I have never seen it for sale outside of a restaurant) I say: TRY IT!

I can not say it any better, so I am going to link to this post from Saveur.

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